Cats of Dooooom

Cats of Dooooom

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Mousebait. Mousebait was born in 1990. I think he was my childhood cat (who died in 1984) and came back when my mother was dying. He appeared in our back yard as a tiny 5-6 week old kitten... stealing wolfhound chow!!!! Mama had jokingly threatened to trade me in for another cat sometimes; she laughed that another cat appeared when she was dying. ♥

Mousebait was teeny tiny when he arrived, but he grew quickly. He was longer and taller than any of the others, and he was Aodhan's mamacat for almost 3 years before "weaning" him. He passed over 1 Nov 2006 of renal failure.

Mousebait, Aodhan, and Nala. Aodhan is next in age; he was born in 1994, one of a litter born to a feral mama that our neighbor Ruth was taming. I unknowingly brought home Aodhan too early; he started nursing on Mousebait! And Mousebait let him for over 3 years, the best and most patient Mamacat in the world. Aodhan still chews on things, especially cotton. He loves to grab felted mice (knitted and fulled) and sing while he bites them. His name means "fiery one". I think he was my mother's cat Regis before he came back. He was the first cat Paul and I got together. He has renal failure now, but is still comfortable.

Der Floofenspot and Nala. Sunspot was our lovely big black floof. We got him in 1996 as stray kitten we took in when we were housesitting for Ruth next door. And, oddly, she came home with a little matching stray from her daughter's house in South California! Sunspot developed cancer that metastasised to his toepads. He did very well for two years, and adding Turkey Tail mushrooms to his food made the toe pad tumours fall off, but one day he announced he was done. He passed over on 4 September 2010.

Our Gypsy-belle. Gypsy's a cousin a couple times removed of Aodhan. She was born at Suzanne's across the street from our house in California. I fell in love at first sight with her, and Suzanne gave her to Paul and me. She's very petite and shy with strangers but has a huge voice and is the Queen of the household. She sounds like a herd a elephants when she runs; as she's gotten older we've realised she has some trouble with her hind legs. She's developed cataracts in one eye, but is still chatty, cuddly, and purry.

Our Nala bunny. Paul brought home Nala from the vet one day, saying he could tell she just "belonged" here. She does! She's very full of beans and skitters all over the place. Excellent bug hunter, with the longest whiskers of any of the cats, although she's the smallest of them. She was born in 1999 or so. She died very unexpectedly in 2011.

Our Seelie-bob. In 2001 we found a cute little silver grey kitty hiding under our house. I thought he was a girl at first due to his style of neutering, but nope. *g* I chose the name "Seelie" because it means "blessed" and as a pun on his silver colour. He hates being held, but likes to play "the toes game" where we scrabble our fingers on his bed and he sharpens his toes in return, and he loves being combed and brushed and rubbed.

Our Luna. Luna showed up my first spring at the new house. She's HUGE -- easily the size of Gypsy and Nala put together. A friend who knows Maine Coons thinks she's either all or most MC. She's huge and lovely, but very, VERY independent. She doesn't like to be picked up, and she only wants to be petted on her terms. She prefers *insists on* being an outside cat.

Our Emdee. Emdee (short for Misty-dactyl, as she looks like my friend Ruth's cat Misty that died about 6 years ago and is polydactyl). Paul coined "Misty-dactyl", which we shorted to MD/Emdee. She showed up still swollen from nursing, but with no babies. I waited til she'd flattened out to make her spaying appt, not realising how much of a wait there would be, and she presented us with 5 lovely babies, seen on very out of date the kittens page.

Our Jack. Jack showed up a few times before I got Emdee tamed; I suspect he's the kittens' father. He stayed wild a couple more years, but got ill the winter after Mousebait passed. He had to stay inside while he recovered, and decided he wanted to stay. He's Paul's baby, and gets very unhappy if he can't be near him.

Our Samhain. Sweet and silly and independent. And she loves to flirt!

Our Casteylan. Ginormous, floofy, polydactyl, and a lovely singer.

Our Isis. Dainty and full of trills. Very fluffy, with lovely ear tufts.

Our Binx. Sleek, black, polydactyl, and rumpy (no tail at all). A huge lovey who jumps up into arms and snuggles for hours.

Our Minerva. Silver-grey and bob-tailed (a stumpy), and still attached to her Mama with an invisible umbilical cord. She's very silky and soft now she's grown, but as a kitten when was a bit of a hedgehog, and her furs were like sharp splinters.


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