Pride Flags

I've made 2 variations of a new Bisexual Pride Flag based on Gilbert Baker's 2017 Diversity 9 colour Pride flag, his last flag before his passing.
(click on the thumbnails to go over to the 3000x2000 size):

The top pink stripe in my design is based on the 2nd stripe down (the photo on his site shows this as almost as red as the red, but the flag in sunlight shows it a saturated pink).

The bottom blue stripe is based on the 7th stripe down, the lighter blue.

The middle lavender stripe is based on layering the blue stripe over the pink stripe with the blue set to 50%

The stripes are set in a 1:1:1 proportion.

I've made both a deeper, more saturated version and a brighter, less saturated version.

Both of these Bi Pride flags are neither copyrightable nor trademarkable; they are released into the Public Domain by me, the creator. No credit is required, but is always appreciated: @Catastry (Twitter)/C. Starfire.

All original content (including but not limited to artwork and photographs) on this website is copyright C. Starfire 1996-2020 unless stated otherwise (eg the bi pride flags)

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This page was last updated on 30 Apr 2020