"Who" (as the Caterpillar asked) "Are You?"

In some ways that's a complicated question. But generally I'm just me. I'm non-binary transgender. I prefer the title "Mx." if/when one is needed, and my pronouns are they/them.

I live in semi-rural Oregon in an 85 year old cattycorner cottage with the paulcat and our cats -- Minerva, Isis, Samhain, Binx, Dragon, Mr. Bernstein (Squash), and Cleo.

I believe in justice. I support the marginalised. I believe survivors. I was raised with "Question Authority".

I'm Autistic. I was dxed in 2014 and later found out I was also dxed as a small child circa 1964. Knowing about being autistic has answered many questions and explained my lifelong struggles with multiple learning disabilities, severe sensory issues, social skills, and much, much more. Identity first language for me, please and thank you. I'm autistic, I don't "have" autism.

I am Autisticat! Kill all the puzzle pieces!

I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome/EDS. I was diagnosed in 1972 when I was 11. I am severely disabled by it and have been housebound for about 10 years now. All my life I've collected immune, autoimmune, and mystery dxes, and they all seem to come down to either EDS or the comorbids POTS (dxed as part of my CFIDS dx in 1998) and MCAD (not formally dxed, but a very high score on Afrin's weighted questionnaire, and MCAD meds help me feel much, much better).

I'm eccentric, unconventional, goofy, and mischievous. I was at the Summer of Love (Well, okay... I was only 6 years old at the time. But I do remember playing with all the other naked kids in the fountains while the adults picnicked and watched the bands... *g*) My hair is hot pink with lavender sides (this week). I'm addicted to all things rainbowy.

I'm an artist. I create. I design, make, and sell StarCATS Cat Toys and buttons, and other things at Redbubble. I knit. I design. I dye and hand-paint yarn. Behold my Ravelry page! I felt. I've made Mutant Enemy paperdolls -- Mutty must do the Dance of Joy! I've started a couple more etsy shops: cat toys and Print on Demand products.

I'm a writer. I've written two collections of non-fiction metaphysical stories from clients and friends who generously allowed me to share their personal stories: Visits From Beyond and Angelic Encounters. I've also written a young adult fantasy novella, Oak and Mirrors, under the pen name Ceri Evans.

I garden organically and grow lavender, apples, plums, medlars, irises, catnip, lots of herbs, lots of alliums, garlic, strawberries, heirloom cucumbers and pumpkins, and lots more. We moved in 2004 to a cottage on 20 acres 15 miles from town, and I'm happily planning out more gardens and planting trees on my not so urban homestead. This was the best year so far for medlars -- my little tree gave me a couple hundred! I got some scion wood for a couple other varieties lasdt winter and one each of two varieties took; the others remain quince rootstock. I'll be planting all 6 this fall.

Our land has a lot of old oaks and had a lot of younger Douglas fir that were choking the oaks. We took out a lot of the first last year and the change has been notable, including more wild life: red foxes and elk! An unexpected plus is the extra sun we're getting in the garden and around the house this late in the year!

I've been working on my family tree for about 12 years now. This past year I tracked down my father's paternal grandfather, and my cousin Tom just took photos of the grave in Georgia, in the Coley White family cemetery (he'd been boarding with the daughter of a Coley, I think, at his death. His stone appears to be homemade from cement or something.

I am still enjoying researching my DNA. I've tested at 23andme and familytreemaker, and I've found several distant cousins, including matching two of three 5th cousins who descend from Mary Ann Jordan Brennan's brother Martin Jordan. I'd suspected Martin and Mary Ann were siblings, and seeing that we matched was very exciting!

I bounce. I sing. I scoot. I spin. I howl at the moon. I skip. I *tacklehug!* my friends. I snuggle. I nap in my nest. I twirl. I dance in the rain. I meditate. I play. I've got wild 'n' crazy feet!! I love.

I love a snarky, well-written character, such as Methos, Spike, River, the 12th Doctor.

I daydream. I watch bees and dragonflies and birds in the garden. I sing along with our treefroggies. I roll on the lawn (well, I did when we had one!). I turn somersaults. I squeal with glee. I do the boom-boom dance! *g*

I read. I giggle. I write. I dance. I learn. I cherish my friends. I write. I thrive.

I'm autistic. I'm silly. I'm eccentric. I'm spiritual. I'm strong. I'm growing. I'm goofy. I'm moody. I'm neuroqueer. I'm fabulous. I'm loving.

I'm a multiple brain injury survivor. There's a lot of my life I can't remember, but even though I'm post 14 years from the first and worst one, I keep getting back more memory all the time. I was diagnosed with cfs/me, fibro, and arthritis in 1998 and celiac disease in 2006. The fibro and arthritis are mostly in remission due to diet. I have a lot of other food allergies and sensitivities as well. I have severe chemical sensitivities secondary to a long-term exposure to termiticide. Or maybe it's all MCAD. It's challenging.

I have an unique way of looking at the universe. I'm spiritual, but not religious. I'm qenderfluid/gendercreative -- and I have a lot of trouble understanding why gender is such a major issue to most people.

I am: artistic, autistic, bouncy, brown-eyed, caring, compassionate, creative, determined, dreamy, eccentric, eclectic, enthusiastic, forthright, friendly, geeky, genderqueer, giddy, goofy, honest, idiosyncratic, imaginative, impulsive, insatiably curious, intuitive, joyful, kooky, loving, mischievous, moody, neuroqueer, off-beat, open-minded, original, peace-loving, psychic, quirky, random, spiritual, strong, stubborn, tactile, unconventional, various, vehement, weird, whimsical, xenophilic, ywar, zany.

I love to: adventure, be myself, blow bubbles, bounce like Tigger, catnap, collect rainbows, create, dance, daydream, draw, dream, expand horizons, explore, felt, ferment, frolic, garden, grow, hold hands, howl at the moon, hug, imagine possibilities, jingle, jump, knit, laugh out loud, learn everywhere all the time, leave my mark, listen the rain, love, make things, nap, observe, paint, peoplewatch, pet, play, play with bullwhips, pretend, quest, ramble, read, sing, snuggle, surf the web, tincture, transform, unite, visualise, watch butterflies, work with energy, write, (e)xaminate the universe, yawn BIG, zip from one thing to another, zoom!

I love: 80s music, bells and ribbons, belly dancing, blood oranges, blustery days, cats, chocolate, crystals, dragons, dragonflies, dreamtime, edible landscaping, fairy lights, flannel sheets on cold nights, flights of fancy, fog, full moons, fullbody hugs, genealogy, homesteading, honesty, inspiration, joy, kookiness, lemons, long massages, mischiefmaking, my cats, my chosen family and my friends, my comfy bed, my incredible husband, mysteries, mysticism, nudity, organic gardening, parasols, prisms, quiet times, raspberries, SARK, sensuality, serendipity, serenity, soapmaking, sparkly things, strength training, sustainable living, synchonicity, thunderstorms, waterfalls, windchimes, wordplay, zentomology

I read: almost everything! children's books, cookbooks, crafting books, energy working books, erotica, fantasy, fiction, gardening, herbalism, historical fantasy, history, holistic health and healing, metaphysics, mysteries, permaculture, psychology, science fiction, sociology, spirituality. Some of my favorite authors and/or books/series include: Aunt Dimity, Heinlein, Darkover, Charlotte Macleod, SARK, Ianto Evans, Toby Hemenway, Terry Pratchett, Richard Bach, Agatha Christie, Nourishing Traditions, Betsy-Tacy, A String in the Harp, The Four-Story Mistake, and more.

I strive to: appreciate my blessings, be honest with myself and others, become stronger each day, believe in myself, create beauty, develop my abilities, embrace simplicity, feel and show compassion, grok, hold wonder, love unreservedly, see the beauty around me, spread joy, trust my intutition, use my abilities wisely and always for the highest good for all.


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