first off, the garlic!

ail de pays gers:

brown tempest:


on to the garden!

the clary sage is starting to bloom:

i found 3 clary babies in the path and potted them up; they've at least tripled in size the past week.

the corner the clary and other stuff lives in:

there's giant catmint, catnip, chives, strawberries, and a lettuce going to seed in front, and plantain, pink currant, nootka roses, curly dock, more catnip, and boysenberries beyond.

a close up of a plantain seed head:

a curly dock seed head:

a medlar:

luna is, as always, Helping me:

i ♥ nasturtiums:

a poppy pod:

radish pods and more nasturtiums:

the red celery is seeding:

closeup of some yarrow flowers:

a lovely tangle:

inside, seelie has splatted on Stuff from the Library:

and now i shall splat, too. (and watch the last ep of midsomer murders *g*)

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