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"You must be mad," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here.'' -- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

So who is Catastrfy, anyway?

LGBTQ+ Pride Flags I've designed



Catastrfy's ABCs
by Catastrfy Starfire, c. 1996

Autisticat has finally moved into their new digs!

zentomologist buttons

My annotated version of Tim Curry's "I Do the Rock"

Abuse Apologism Bingo -- follow along the next time someone gets out their abuse apologism handbook!

Our Cattycorner House in Oregon

The Starfire Cats in Photos (updated after 5 long years -- now with more photos!) and Kitten Pictures

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Sgt Kronos' Deadly Horseman Band

Recipes, including some that were my great great aunt's and some of my own.

Autism Links

Diary of a Mom (on facebook)

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

We Are Like Your Child Essays by autistic adults

Parenting Autistic Children With Love and Acceptance (on facebook)

I strongly prefer identity-first language for myself: I am autistic.

Here are some links about Identity-first language vs. person-first language:

The Significance of Semantics: Person-First Language: Why It Matters by Lydia Brown

I don't have autism. I am autistic. by Kassiane Sibley

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Oh, Twist! by Jan Groh

Mast Cell Disease/MCAS
The Mast Cell Disease Society

Random links from my random interests

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