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Birthday! 12 August 2004

The orange, black, and tortie kittens:

The grey kitten:

The happy mama:

A latecomer! Polydactyl and bobtailed!

One Day Old

The orange one is polydactyl too!

The flash shows up the tortie's colours:

Two Days Old

And thanx to Zaecus they're sexed!

Orange: polydactyl boy
Tortie: girl
Black: girl
Grey bob tail: girl
Black bob tail: polydactyl boy

Hungry babies!

This one is the most aggressive at eating so far, although the boys aren't far behind:

Tortie baby napping on Mama's paw:

Napping hard:

Bedtime: First you squirm around:

and then you sleep:

3 Days Old

Piling under Mama:

Good Mama-cat!

Day 5

Still Sleeping:

Day 6


Tortie: 7.2 oz
Cas: 7.9
Binx: 8.0
Grey: 8.1
Black: 8.2

Day 8

They were sort of sleeping in formation when I went in the room. Of course Emdee jumped right in the box to let me know that they were HERS...

And then snuggled them up close:

Day 9

A kitten movie:

We're Two Weeks Old Today!

Hey! We're trying to eat here!

Hide! She's got the camera again!

30 August 2004

Feeding time at the zoo:




And now we sleep:

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