Today I wandered about. First up the driveway to see how the giant alliums are doing:

blushed allium bud:

white bud:

blackberry blossom:

one of the last blooms on the alba rose:

blushing clover blossom:

and pink clover:

purple heal all:

queen anne's lace still closed:

and open:

I can never remember what these white flowers are:

the very first blooming teasel:

day lilies:




this is an heirloom rose we brought up from calif, but i can't remember what it's called:

the shrub rose in front (which is spreading, woo! i shall dug up roots and transplant them this fall! GLEEEE!):

2nd year burdock making its flower stalk:

mallow (i think musk mallow):

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