24/25 May 2011 photos of the garden

In honour of the Glorious Twenty-fifth of May!

Pinkish lilac:

White lilac:

The irises are going wild. Pink lilac to the right, garlic, apple tree, medlar tree, and rhodie beyond them, then the hills with oregon white oaks, douglas fir, scotch broom, wild plum:

Dark purple iris that came with the house:

Garlic, chives, and leeks:

Behind them are the boysenberries and raspberries. Behind those the walking onions are getting bigger, and the Canada thistle is enjoying the company:

New raised bed. The radishes, nasturtiums, beets, and more are sprouting. There's a couple rainbow chard onthe right, leeks in most of the holes, and catnip in the far right hole:

The giant catmint is getting, well, giant:

One of the many delicious plantains:

Another iris closeup:

Hummers! I think these are female rufous, but I'm not sure.

2 of them:

and 1:

The rhodie bloom looks gorgeous:

Wisteria in front:

Luna helping in front:

Dandelion fluff:

I don't know what these guys are, but they love the comfrey and weeds and seem to leave the rest of the garden alone:

And here's a comfrey bloom:

All photos and text on this page copyright C Starfire 2011

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