June 2011 Photos of the Garden (& Some Cats)

Guardian of the Mint:

My Rosa Mundi roses are going well this year! I mulched them heavily last year, and it's made quite a difference. Of course most of them are hidden behind the irises looking from the house, but here's a close up:

A stripey poppy:

The white wisteria looking divine:

We still have at least a couple goldfish, huzzah! They're 7+ years old; the previous own had bitsy fish she left in the pond. I think there are actually 4-6, but so far I've only seen a couple at a time, so there may just be the two. I keep hoping for babies *g*

I can't remember for sure what t his is, but maybe a Nootka rose?

One of the last of the irises:

Your lupins or your life! They do so love the driveway up to the barn...

And a pinker one:

Around in front, one of the last of the purple wisteria blooms:

This was evidently the guardian of the bike one day:

Twohee on the wisteria:

And into the house, where the catnip faerie has bedecked Jack in his sleep:

Seelie used to be nervous of the others, but they've been busy snuggling it out of him; here's Gypsy hard at work with him:

My desk is very popular. I've given up and added towels *g* Here are Minerva and Gypsy:

Jack and Aodhan:

All photos and text on this page copyright C Starfire 2011

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