May 2011 photos of the garden

The irises are starting to bloom! This is my favourite one. It came originally from Mr. McFarland, who lived on the otherside of St. Mary's Lane from my grandparents in Berkeley (from at least the 60s thru the 90s). When he thinned his irises in the early 90s, he gave a large bundle to my grandmother, who shared them with me. When we moved up to Oregon from Hayward, they came with me.

And another view of it:

This is a lilac coloured iris we bought at a plant sale here in Eugene the 2nd year up here, I think.

And a lavender one from the same sale:

And a yellow one, ditto:

My usual helper application in the garden; I use her empty food bags to sit on since they're lovely for blocking thistles and teasels *g*

My Egyptian Walking Onions are up and getting bigger every day:

King Henry viola:

The bees are going wild in the chives:

The tree peony looks happy in its new spot so far:

The medlar is doing quite well:

The white wisteria clusters get bigger every day:

The larger rhodia is just opening its first bud of the year:

Check out the garlic!

Can anyone ID this tree? It's 30-50 feet tall and up where the driveway to the barn meets the tree line. It makes tiny fruits, but I've never tried them (since this is the first year in 5 I've been able to walk up that far)

a closeup:

The lupins along (and *cough* in) the driveway are starting to send up stalks:

The giant alliums are all leafed out and glorious; no sign of flowers yet:

Looking east at the hills from behind the shed:

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